Gatsby multi website deployments

Splitting up the build process

export const onPostBuild = (): void => {
try {
// Copy public folder content to build
copyFolderRecursiveSync(publicDir, buildDir)
} catch (error) {
console.error('Error during build replication hook', error)

Main slugs

const mainSiteSlugs = getMainSiteSlugsFromArgs()

const buildMainSlugSite = slug => {
const buildWebsite = spawn('node', ['build-subwebsite.js', slug])

buildWebsite.stdout.on('data', data => {
console.log(`OUT [${slug}]: ${data}`)

buildWebsite.stderr.on('data', data => {
console.error(`ERROR [${slug}]: ${data}`)

buildWebsite.on('close', code => {
console.log(`Main site [${slug}] build process finished with code ${code}`)
if (mainSiteSlugs.length) {

  • We don’t want to go over the ram our hardware has available. For this project we also had no budget to horizontal scale up the hardware.
  • If we did do it asynchronously and also deploy asynchronously it would add the extra complexity of which main slugs are already deployed. If we have an overview page of the the main slugs, we would need to know which slugs are currently available.

Sub slugs

const R = require('ramda)

const buildSubsite = countriesLeftover => {
const currentCountryBatch = countriesLeftover.slice(
const leftoverCountriesForNextBuild = R.difference(

const buildWebsite = spawn('npm', [

buildWebsite.stdout.on('data', data => {

buildWebsite.stderr.on('data', data => {

buildWebsite.on('close', code => {
console.log(`Sub site build process finished with code ${code}`)
if (leftoverCountriesForNextBuild.length) {


The process

  1. Get all main slugs from the data package
  2. For each main slug
  • Start main slug build process
  • Batch the sub slugs and start the Gatsby build process
  • Upload build output for the main slug and all it’s sub slugs to the CDN





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